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Title: Teaching receptive vocabulary in a foreign language classroom to students with down syndrome through different methodological elements.
Authors: Cifuentes Bustos, Angie Katherin
Rojas Malaver, Leidy Bibiana
Cárdenas Herrera, Ingrid Paola
Benito, José Alexander; Asesor
Keywords: Down Syndrome
Receptive Vocabulary
Methodological Elements
Foreign Language
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Abstract: Nowadays the teaching of a foreign language is limited to certain populations due to the learning difficulties that they have. In the English area, it is important to consider that there are schools with students with Down syndrome whose English teachers should have knowledge about how to teach these populations. The main purpose of this research is to present the different methodological elements that predominate in the recognition of English receptive vocabulary for students with Down syndrome, to describe the learning environment in the classroom, identify the predominated methodological elements used to teach vocabulary and demonstrate how is the vocabulary recognition of a basic category of vocabulary. In order to achieve the objectives and answer the question of this research used different instruments to collect information as: surveys, observations, interviews and audiovisual materials. Hence it was possible to determine from this information the characterization of the participants, the cause of visual materials in the students, techniques and strategies that facilitated the recognition of vocabulary, the factors that supported the students in the different learning environments and the recognition of vocabulary through a basic category of vocabulary. In this case of study, it is concluded that most of these elements focused on students' visual memory through different strategies, techniques, approaches and methods, as well as the reinforcement of vocabulary in all classes, as well as the different environments that helped the student in his learning process.
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