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Title: Reflective checklists to raise listening skills´consciousness through a WebQuest at CCA.
Authors: Castañeda Jiménez, Cristian Alexander
Castro Salinas, Ana María
Cuervo Alzate, Lady Viviana; Asesor
Keywords: Listening Skill,
Listening Micro-skills,
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Abstract: This research project, developed at the Centro Colombo Americano, emerged from the difficulties that B2 students from one of the English courses were having concerning their listening skill at the beginning of the second semester of 2016. Since they were capable of understanding audios from the textbooks, but were unable to understand real-life conversations in English, the researchers of the current study decided to carry out a project which main objective was to determine the contributions of reflective checklists as a tool to raise consciousness in listening skills through a WebQuest. As far as the methodology used in this project, its researchers decided to give it a qualitative approach, where the participants’ opinions could be taken into account. After the implementation of the current project, it was found that the participants were more conscious of the way they approached a listening exercise than before the study was implemented.
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