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dc.contributor.authorNaranjo Galvis, Milena
dc.contributor.authorJiménez Medina, Adriana
dc.coverage.spatialBogotá D.C.es_ES
dc.description.abstractThis paper reveals personal identity through conferences about short stories in low-SES (Socio Economic Status) preschoolers between four and five years old in a kindergarten from the ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) in Bogotá. This research project´s objective is to analyze low-Ses preschoolers´ personal identity through conferences about short stories, identify criteria that determine low-SES preschoolers´ personal identity and describe the relationship between personal identity criteria and low-SES preschoolers´ life experiences. To achieve this purpose, the researchers selected ten preschoolers between four and five years old, five girls and five boys. For the implementation there were seven sessions in total in which the researchers applied seven personal identity criteria by showing children different short stories. These stories were created by the researchers and tailored to be relevant to the children. Also, different reading comprehension strategies and activities were carried out, children then drew about their life experiences and answered multiple questions designed by the researchers which were called conferences. To collect the data, the researchers used field notes, children´s drawings and conferences. After the process, it was found that feeling like part of a family, building relationships, recognizing their bodies and abilities, absorbing their environment, using their imagination to solve problems and dreaming about their future were relevant aspects and are related to their personal identity.en
dc.publisherCorporación Universitaria Minuto de Diosen
dc.subjectIdentidad Personalen
dc.subjectIdentidad de los Niñosen
dc.titleRevealing personal identity through conferences about short stories in low-ses preschoolers.en
dc.publisher.programLicenciatura en Idioma Extranjero - Ingléses_ES
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