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Title: Controlling teenager´s anxiety in speaking and listening sections at the moment to present the PET.
Authors: Amado Bogotá, Angie Briyith
García Rodríguez, Leidy Dayana
Keywords: Anxiety Level
Listening Skill
Speaking Skill
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Abstract: The next paper contains a study made in a Private School in Bogota, two teachers who found that students feel anxiety in higher levels at the moment to present the listening and the speaking part in an International English exam called PET. Their main purpose was to control the anxiety level in those students to make easier the presentation of the exam and make that students get familiarized with it. Surveys, questionnaires, mocks and learning logs were used to collect and analyze the data from the students. Findings showed that the activities included in the lesson plans influenced in a positive way to reduce the anxiety of the students in the listening and speaking part of PET exam and the tips that were provided by the teachers which were used by the students also were a factor that helped them to reduce this feeling.
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