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Title: Uses of teacher´s code switching in the EFL preschool classroom
Authors: Vinchira Andrade, Clara Corina
Keywords: Code switching
Mother tongue
Efl preschool
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Abstract: This case study presents an analysis of how extent the code switching is used by the teacher in the EFL preschool classroom in a public school in Bogotá, Colombia. The data was collected through recordings and reflective journals; the participants were a group of 30 preschoolers aged between 5 and 6 of a public school in Bogotá. The data analysis presents the reasons of why teacher code switching in the EFL preschool classroom works as a facilitator on the class management. On one hand the mother tongue helps to build rapport it mean a good relation between teacher and students, also facilitate the build of values and behaviors in younger pupils and allows students to feel closer to the teacher promoting their confidence. On the other hand, code switching by the teacher helps in some teacher´s functions as check understanding using mother tongue to test immediately student’s comprehension CODE SWITCHING IN THE EFL PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM 8 and to solve student’s lack of register prioritizing the achievement of activity or lesson objectives.
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