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Title: Disertación sobre autismo y asperger en Facatativá
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios- UNIMINUTO
Description: This article aims to look at the autism and Asperger syndromes, in order to raise awareness about them in different fields. This research project intends to establish a precedent towards the need of knowing both syndromes and offering better conditions to institutions and staff members who care for people with either autism or Asperger among the educational authorities. Therefore, this paper explains what the autism and Asperger syndromes are. It also shows the management of these disorders in Facatativá through research experiences, specifically within the educational system.The research team continues in processes of document growth and planning to generate informative spaces for teachers, families, entities and professionals. This being carried out through the socialization of knowledge, to enrich the research and at the same time contribute to eradicate errors in the management of autists and Asperger in the municipality.
El presente artículo pretende volver la mirada a los síndromes de autismo y asperger, de tal manera que se genere inquietud sobre éstos para, en el caso de las autoridades educativas, establecer un precedente frente a la necesidad de conocerlos y ofrecer mejores condiciones a las instituciones y personal que atienden a personas con alguno de éstos síndromes. En ese sentido, este escrito expone en qué consisten los síndromes de autismo y asperger. Asimismo, muestra, a través de experiencias de investigación, el manejo de estos trastornos en el municipio de Facatativá, específicamente dentro del sistema educativo.
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