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Title: Board games to foster colombian cultural awareness inside the EFL classroom.
Authors: Martínez Méndez, Luis Carlos
Gamboa, Ángela María; Asesor
Keywords: Lengua Extranjera
Juegos de Mesa
Cultura Colombiana
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Abstract: Board Games to Foster Colombian Cultural Awareness Inside the EFL Classroom ABSTRACT Along the English as a foreign language learning process inside a public school in Colombia, students are not taking into account their own culture and context when learning. That is why a way in which learners are able to be aware of their own culture through the EFL learning process is necessary. Therefore, the adaptation of a series of board games in order to make them suitable to teach English and foster Colombian cultural aspects inside the EFL classroom was required to deal with the main issue. In this study, participants were experimenting their own culture along the English class through the use of board games. Each board game was adapted to foster one specific cultural aspect. The participants were conducted through an introduction at the beginning of each session and, such introduction was about the cultural aspect to work on, after that they had the opportunity to interact and recognize their own culture by using the board game. They were recognizing the characteristics of their own culture and they were culturally aware along the development of the class, which was the main objective of the research project.
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