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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Introduction: Living in Media and Information Literate Cities.Grizzle, Alton; Jaakkola, Maarit; Durán-Becerra, Tomás
2021Media and Information Literacy Among Children on Three Continents: Insights into the Measurement and Mediation of Well-being.Livingstone, Sonia; Burton, Patrick; Cabello, Patricio; Helsper, Ellen; Kanchev, Petar; Kardefelt-Winther, Daniel; Perović, Jelena; Stoilova, Mariya; Yu, Ssu-Han
2022MIL Cities and MIL Citizens: Informed, Engaged, Empowered by Media and Information Literacy (MIL).Grizzle, Alton; Jaakkola, Maarit; Durán-Becerra, Tomás; Arroio, Agnaldo; Audenhove, Leo Van; Ballon, Pieter; Bonami, Beatrice; Brennan, Deborah; Den Broeck, Wendy Van; Browne, Harry; Burton, Patrick; Cabello, Patricio; Ciccone, Michelle; Demeulenaere, Andy; D’Silva, ElsaMarie; Fontefrancesco, Michele Filippo; De Gara, Lisa Jane; Hamada, Masatoshi; Helsper, Ellen; Kanchev, Petar; Kardefelt-Winther, Daniel; Le Voci Sayad, Alexandre; Livingstone, Sonia; Muñoz, Estrella Luna; Machuca, Gerardo; Mariën, Ilse; Mauaie, Clara Cacilda; Olonode, Ayodeji; Perović, Jelena; Stoilova, Mariya; Walravens, Nils; Yu, Ssu-Han
2021Reading the Word and the World:Empowering Mozambican Health Teachers through VideoProduction.Arroio, Agnaldo; Mauaie, Clara Cacilda
2021Self-Development on campus: A case study on MIL Development in Teacher Education in Colombia.Durán-Becerra, Tomás; Machuca, Gerardo
2021Theorizing Media and Information Literacy: Emotional Communication through Art for Young People during Unusual Life Experiences.Hamada, Masatoshi; Oyeleye, Kofoworola
2021Translations of the media and information literacy concept: Tracing policy terms in the Latin American countries.Bonami, Beatrice; Le Voci Sayad, Alexandre
2021Words Are Stones: Countering Hate Speech Among Young Generations in Europe.Fontefrancesco, Michele Filippo