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Title: Positive discipline to manage the students’ behaviors and attitudes in a preschool EFL classroom presented by
Authors: Gonzalez, Lilian Andrea ; Asesora
Arenas Diaz, Monica Jesenia
RodrIguez Vega, Jenny Paola
Keywords: Conducta
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Abstract: The aim of this project is to explore “positive discipline strategies” to manage different students’ behaviors and attitudes in the EFL class of a preschool group in a public school in Bogota. Positive discipline is a model for teaching, which suggests the implementation of some strategies that help teachers to deal the student’s behaviors and attitudes that affect achievement of the English lesson aims. By applying positive discipline, teachers can turn those difficulties into advantages for their lessons in the sense that the classroom becomes a comfortable and appropriate environment for learning. Therefore, preschoolers benefit by being immersed in an environment that fosters students’ development, learning and joy for English without being forced to behave as teachers want and without being reprimanded or treated aggressively. In the research project, we will describe the context where the study is being developed, and how the research question was reached. Then, we will share our exploration of the main visions and perspectives about discipline and how it influences classroom management, which led us to select students’ behaviors and attitudes as the focus of this study, since we needed to identify which of those allow and did not allow to achieve the English lesson objectives. Therefore, the pedagogical implementation of this action research is an exploration of how the positive discipline model and its strategies could be useful for the teacher to manage those students’ behaviors and attitudes that could be present in the classroom.
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